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Is your door producing irritating noises as it opens and close? Are you looking forward to replacing your old garage door opener with a more convenient one? Are you sick of having to get out of your vehicle to open and close your garage when parking your vehicle? At Garage Door Reno sparks, we have just the perfect solution for you. Installing Chamberlain garage door openers will solve all your problems. Being a modern brand, it utilizes the most effective technology and has refined features. If reliable and convenient is what you are looking for when purchasing an opener, this is the brand to go for. With high power ratings and quiet operations, this brand will not disappoint you.

Chamberlain B503

This is one of the most efficient Chamberlain garage door openers. This opener has very many features that makes it popular in the market. It is steel reinforced and built with heavy materials that makes it long lasting. Besides, this opener works quietly making it suitable for attached garages. In terms of safety for the user, this opener has safety sensors and an invisible beam. These two features prevents the door from closing itself on any obstacle. Also, with its MED Lift Power, it delivers powerful lifting force and reliable performance you can rely on. To boost, your property’s security this opener is highly secure to protect you from the most professional’s hackers. In addition, it allows you to set a confidential password that will keep away intruders. Also, it has an anti-theft system that will help prevent against forced entries and ensure the door stays locked once it closes.

Additional features include

  • Online installation videos, already programmed remotes and the snap-lock rail system
  • 2-100 watt standard bulbs that will provide efficient lighting in the dark and around the garage
  • This opener also gives you an opportunity to go remote-less way where you can control your door with the vehicle HomeLink button. With this technology you can as well control the light from your driving seat.

Chamberlain LA-500

Chamberlain LA-500 is a swing gate operator that provides top-notch performance and high levels of security to the garage door user. With this garage door opener, you do not have to worry about power outage as it has a backup battery and an efficient power management system. Chamberlain LA-500 can handle up to 200 cycles per day. As if that is not enough, this opener has a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing DC motor. This motor is powerful enough to carry out even the most energy consuming operations. It can operate a garage door that weights up to 1600 pounds and has a height of 18 feet. To add to its convenience, it has the MyQ tech. to make use of this modern technology, you need to download the MyQ application in your smartphone. This will enable you monitor and operate your garage door from wherever.

Other Chamberlain LA-500 features include the following

  • Synchronized close which allows the gate to close simultaneously.
  • Bi-part delay which monitors the position of each wing and adjusts their speed to ensure that the primary gate closes last. Tis helps to prevent heavy bangs and damage as the door closes.
  • This opener is easy to program and add auxiliary relays. This can include the access control systems like the fingerprint readers and alarm systems.
  • LED diagnostic display makes its installation and troubleshooting easy.

Chamberlain B970

This opener has a backup battery that is helpful in times when there is power outage. This feature is especially important when your garage door is heavy duty and therefore difficult to operate it manually. Also, it utilizes a belt and thus operates quietly compared to ordinary chain driven system. With a very powerful motor with HP rating of 11/4, this opener can operate without causing any wear and tear. You can operate your door with a remote. It also has built-in WIFI that enable you to control the gate using the MyQ application.

There is nothing not to like about the Chamberlain garage door openers. Every aspect of these openers makes your life better by bringing you more convenience. If you want to install one today, the people to trust with the task is Garage Door Reno Sparks experts. We have the experience, solid reputation and highly trained professionals. Apart from their installation, we can also handle all types of repair and maintenance needs.

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