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Garage door openers are imperative parts in garage doors. When these openers fail, you cannot access the garage from inside or outside. We, Garage Door Reno Spark, are here to mitigate such inconveniences. We understand that lately, companies that deal with garage door service have been blooming. It’s very easy to get confused over which company to hire. We prioritize our customers’ needs to ensure the calm of operating garages is always at the top. We supply quality products and services to ensure you enjoy your garage services for a long time. Our experts offer garage door opener repair in Reno, NV and other.


Garage door openers are of different types as indicated below;

Chain Drive

This kind of garage door opener is the most rampant. The name gives you a hint on how it operates. This kind of opener utilizes a chain that either pushes or pulls a trolley to move the door up and down. Their popularity is mainly due to their affordability and reliability. They, however, have one set back, noise. Their operation is noisy, and that makes them suitable for detached garages.

Belt Drive

This type of a garage door opener isn’t so different from a chain drive opener. It utilizes a belt in place of a chain to move the door up and down. They are quieter compared to chain drive openers which suit them for attached garages. This luxury, however, has its cost which exceeds the chain garage opener in terms of cost.

Screw Drive

This class of garage door openers is a little more advanced compared to the belt and chain openers. It rotates a steel rod with threads to move the trolley which then opens and closes the garage door. It contains lesser components compared to the chain and belt drive openers. This means that its maintenance cost is lower and thus cutting on your budget cost. These openers are however associated with one set back, noise. They are way noisier than chain drive openers.


The dynamism of paying modes makes us extend how we receive money from customers. At Garage Door Reno Spark, we accept both cash payments and credit card payments. This leaves a client at the discretion to choose whichever method suits the best. We majorly campaign for credit cards due to the ability to pay the exact amount of money as per our invoices. It also gives the liberty to pay from anywhere at any time.

For this reason, we accept credit card payments from companies. These companies include PayPal, American Express, Discover, Visa, and Master Cards. Our goal is to give you all the options you need to live a comfortable life.


Garage door openers are not the kind of products that you take off the shelf now and then. For this reason, you need to buy a product that is durable. Luckily that’s what we provide. With continued use of the garage door openers, wearing out comes in handy. At some point, the openers break or wear out that renders them defective. When this happens, you will need an expert partner who can handle your repairs and related services. This is precisely what we exist for. We don’t just do this business but also invest in it. All you need is to call us for garage door opener repair in Reno, NV.


Our products go the extra mile in terms of the areas of use. We supply commercial garage door openers for use in business premises. This attracts a particular class of product that suits its environment. These products come being different from residential openers. This kind of customization helps to bracket most types of customer expectations. Commercial garage doors open more times compared to residential garage doors. This makes the accompanying openers more resistant to damage due to frequent use. Visit us for durable commercial garage door openers and also offer top-notch garage door opener repair in Reno, NV.


Residential garage door openers are not very different from commercial ones. They only differ in factors, e.g., strength and resistance. Commercial garage doors are always opening and closing severally while residential doors could even open twice a day. For this reason, residential garage doors require standard quality and still live years. Their installation and maintenance cost is thus low. At Garage Door Reno Spark, we have top-quality garage door openers to suit your residential needs.

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