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A garage door is fully operational if all its parts are in their right working condition. Every part of the garage door is as vital and as important as the other. However, there are vital garage door components that when broken or worn out, the garage door is not functional at all. One of these parts is the garage door opener. A garage door opener plays a very vital role in the opening and closing of the garage door. There are a series of reasons why you would need a professional for garage door opener repair services. It could be as a result of the antennae or internal wiring. It is difficult to tell unless you are a professional. At Garage Door Reno Sparks, we are pros when it comes to offering garage door opener repair services.

Type of garage door openers

The different types of garage door openers are categorized according to what drives them. There are four major types of garage door openers.

Chain drive opener. In this, a metal chain drives the trolley which as a result moves the door up and down. Of the four garage door openers, this is the noisiest and the cheapest. As a result, many homeowners go for it. This is not the kind of garage door opener to go when you own an attached garage.

Screw drive openers. For this one, a threaded steel rod moves the trolley. It is quite similar to the belt drive in a manner that it has few moving parts and works quietly. Hence, it is ideal for attached garages.

Belt drive opener. Unlike the chain drive, a rubber belt slides the trolley which raises and lowers the door. Since it is rubber that moves the trolley, this opener is relatively quiet and produces less vibrations through the chains. In addition, this opener has few moving parts and as a result need less maintenance needs. Belt drive opener is the opener to go for when you have an attached garage.

Direct drive openers. In this the motor directly moves the trolley. As a result, the process of the opening and closing the door is simple. This results to quieter and smoother operations.

DIY or call a professional

Some garage door opener problems are easy to go about them. Some only need simple troubleshooting and challenge is no more. However, some problems require more than just troubleshooting. All you can do is identify the problem if you can and then call a pro to handle it.

You can tell when to call for garage door opener repair services. You just need to observe the signs your garage door is exhibiting. If you are new to garage doors, here are some signs to look at.

Signs of faulty garage door openers

Slow moving or detaching openers. A slow moving garage door is a sign of broken or worn our openers. Worse still, the garage door can detach itself from the opener and falls to the floor. This is risky and dangerous to any garage door user. Also, if your garage doors are hesitating when opening or closing the door, it is a clear sign you need the help of a professional.

Irritating noises. Unless you are using the chain drive openers, a garage door opener is designed to perform quietly. Therefore, any loud noises produces is a red flag that your openers are slowly dying.

Random garage door opening and reversing. If your garage door is opening and suddenly reverses, then it could be a problem with the openers. Particularly the safety eye and faulty electronics within the opener. If quickly attended to, then replacing the unit is enough solution. Also, an intermittent operation could be a sign of worn out openers. It is clear when you push a remote button and nothing happens. It could work after trying several times. It could be the remote batteries or your old opener.

Garage door opener repair or replacement?

Garage door opener repair is cheaper compared to replacing the entire unit. It is important to pay close attention to your garage door openers. This way, you will capable of noticing any change in the way they function. Hence, a professional will be able to address the issue in good time. However, if the problem is beyond repair, then replacing the entire unit is inescapable.

Also you may choose to replace the opener to go for a new models that use the recent technologies. For garage door opener repair services, the place to be is Garage Door Reno Spark.

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