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Garage doors are becoming prominent all over the world. This consequently leads to a great rise in the number of garage door professionals and garage door parts suppliers. Garage door openers being one of the most vital parts of the garage door, there are so many suppliers and manufactures of the same. This makes it difficult to determine the right and quality opener to purchase for your garage door. For this reason, therefore, Garage Door Pro Long Islands, an experienced company in the garage door world, advocates for Liftmaster garage door openers. With magnificent features and high levels of dependability, Liftmaster garage door openers continues to standout in the market. This opener comes with a plethora of benefits. Below are some of them.

Benefits of Liftmaster garage door openers

Advanced technology

To start with, Liftmaster garage door openers utilize the latest and highly advanced technology. Liftmaster garage door openers manufacturers continue to surprise the market with high level advancements in the products they bring in the market. The new models of these openers allows the owners access the door even from remote locations. Even better, with the MyQ technology they utilize, they allow the homeowners access the door through their smartphones. Could it get any better? Yes it could. With this technology making use of Bluetooth and internet connectivity options, you can monitor and operate the door and lights from wherever you are.

Mounting options

Also, this garage door openers have mounting options that makes them user-friendly. They are customizable to suit your needs and the size of your garage door. You can mount them on the ceiling for high garage and on the wall for those with a low ceiling.

Additional features

Liftmaster garage door openers have a camera that is always alert and automatic lighting system. Using the motion detector, it can tell whether there is a person around the gate. If there is, the automatic lights light and therefore you do not have to park your car in the dark. You can set the lights on time to suit you. In addition, they have excellent safety and security features. This explains their popularity in the garage door world. They are the most suitable for residential use. If you do not know the way to use them, you can simply check the online guide from the internet. This guide will also help you know whether your opener meet the current safety standards.

High levels of reliability

The most important of them all is that the Liftmaster garage door openers are reliable. With their top-notch features and accessories, their reliability is incomparable to any other openers in the market. Besides they have a powerful motor and have backup batteries in case of power outage. Their durability and efficiency continues to earn this brand a solid reputation in the market.

Liftmaster Remote controls

If you install a Liftmaster a Liftmaster garage door opener, it is crucial to know how to use their remotes. The most essential things to learn about the remotes is their programming. Whether it is a new remote for a new garage door opener or you are replacing a lost remote, programming is key. That is why Garage Door Pro Long Island is here to give you a guide on how to go about it.  Remote programming involves a series of steps.

The first step is to locate the learn button on the opener. If your opener is wall-mounted, then press this button. Secondly, if your garage door opener has the MyQ panel, press the learn button and release it twice. If you have a button you want to program in your remote control, press it in 30 seconds after releasing the learn button. To know whether programming is successful, the LED light will either go off or the opener light will blink. This solely depends on your remote and opener. Afterwards, press the programmed button to ensure it performs as supposed. If not, repeat the procedure.

If you experience a problem programming your remote, our professionals are always ready to offer help. All you need is to make a call. Being garage door professionals, Garage Door Pro Long Island experts will help you with whatever problem you are experiencing. Call us today for installation, repair and maintenance of your Liftmaster garage door opener.

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