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Roll up garage doors are simply galvanized steel doors. Their style is the only difference and it is where they get their name from. Their design form a rolled formed slats. These slats interconnect with each other that when the door opens, they form a kind of a door curtain that rolls up into a coil above the interior. These garage door design is very significant in that it provides ultimate security and privacy from unwanted visitors and burglars. Unlike other standard roll-up garage doors, this design is rugged and durable and therefore can perform much longer.

Why depend on our Roll-up Garage Doors

At Garage Door Reno Sparks, our roll-up garage doors are beyond standard. They are top-quality doors always customized to meet your exact needs. As we craft these door, we ensure that the door will have tight coilings above the door when it rolls up. Hence, there is a little space consumed therefore leaving more space in the room, effective light flow and a sense of aesthetics. Our roll-up doors are very durable made form long lasting materials that will reduce the cost of ownership in the long run. Even more, we have crafted these doors to withstand up to 50, 000 cycles and daily use.

From our experience, we can handle whatever design you bring to us. In addition, we appreciate new challenges. It adds to our skills and artistry. Apart from steel, we also make roll-up doors from aluminium and stainless steel and add creative modern or traditional finishing on them. All this is according to what you tell us.

Determining the right roll-up door system

Deciding the right roll-up door system to install is the foundation for all other major decisions you will make. At garage Door Reno Sparks we have a number of systems you can choose from. There are four basic systems. The two-roll-p door system, one overhead door and roller grille system. All these systems are ideal for different places and some require special features for their installation. It is therefore prudent to consult a professional before residing on the one to buy. These designs can be customized to match your tastes and wants in terms of color, mounting method and other accessories.

After choosing the system, then you can go ahead to choose the roll-up door profiles. They come in many forms including the standard, sight, grille and ventilation. Also you can go ahead to choose between a roll-formed and an extruded roll-up door rod


Apart from the material used to make the doors and the finish, the style of the roll-up door also matters. One design you can employ is where the slats are punched to give a design like an open curtain. This is not only elegant, it also gives allows for ventilation, more visibility while maintaining high levels of security. A screen Gard steel roll-up garage door is another style you can make use of if you want an open space of up to 22%. Also, we install highly durable springs so that the door will withstand even up to 100,000 cycles.

There are also thermiser insulated roll-up garage doors. These help to maintain and ensure there are conducive temperatures in your garage. This will enable you cut on the high energy bills you pay each month. These doors seal each unnecessary dent and spaces making the door 94%air infiltrate. Also, these doors are ideal for reducing the noise coming in or out of the garage.

Commercial and residential roll-up garage doors

Commercial and residential roll-up garage doors differ in their features. Residential roll-up doors are used few times a day. Some even two times in a day. This call for some simple features. This is not the case in commercial doors. For commercial doors, they are used more often., for this reason, therefore, our commercial roll-up garage doors are more durable and manufactured to withstand more cycles per day. In addition, they are high performing and operating very speedily to make activities more efficient. They can run for a million cycles without the fear of wearing out or breaking. Even better, these roll up doors are perfect in cases of fire or smoke in the property. These doors create a structural separation barrier that contain the smoke and the fire in the specific room it started.

There is so much pertaining roll-up garage doors. Our professionals are willing to answer any questions you might be having. Call us today for consultation services or installation and repair of roll-up garage doors.

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