Step by step guide to garage door repairs

Garage Door Repair in Reno, NV
Minor problems with your garage door require you to tighten loose bolts and nuts

Garage doors not only protection to your property but also help in energy saving around the house.

With the right door, you take a step into achieving the best home.

Also, when you install a garage door opener, not only do you improve efficiency around your home, but also take a stride into automation around your home.

However, like any other moving parts, the garage door becomes prone to wearing out.

With constant friction and vibrations, the efficiency of the garage door drops, and you even start experiencing trouble with the opening and closing of the garage door.

Although some of the repairs, like spring replacement, take a lot of caution and experience to handle, that is not to mean you do nothing.

But before you get knee-deep into the repairs, it is essential to pay attention to your safety.

Safety measures to take when repairing your garage door:

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Garage doors work with torsion and compression springs, both of which are not kind to anyone when under forces.

Therefore, whenever you are repairing any part of the garage door, avoid placing your ladder directly ahead of these parts.

That is because they can break free or loosen in the process and hit you, consequently causing brutal injuries.

Next, always make sure that whenever you are working on the garage door, you have switched off the power.

Disconnect the garage door opener from the power source to avoid electrical shock.

Then, always ensure you have your gloves and safety glasses on.

You wouldn’t want some debris in your eyes when handling a spring, right?

Additionally, you must get off the ladder before you test for balance on your garage door.

Finally, avoid any activities under the door when repairing it.

You wouldn’t know if the door could drop on you.

Guidelines to garage door repair:

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Some of the damages on a garage door are minor and would not require the services of a professional to resolve.

In such cases, you can always tackle the problem to the best of your ability, and in case you fail, then you can call for help.

So, how do you go about these repairs?

Step 1: Check the tracks

Garage door tracks provide the pathway along with the garage door moves on the wall.

They help in place using brackets, which with time, wear out.

If you notice some loose connection of the brackets, close the door from the inside, and using a screwdriver, tighten the screws.

For the bent tracks, you can use some scrap wooden block and a soft hammer to straighten them.

However, in the event of extremely worn-out tracks, then you can replace them with new ones.

Step 2: alignment

Garage Door Repair in Reno, NV
Minor problems with your garage door require you to tighten loose bolts and nuts

As much wheel alignment in your vehicle is essential, so are the tracks on your garage door.

Depending on the type of garage door you have, the tracks could be straight or slant forward or backward.

However, to determine their alignment, place a level on them.

Should the bubble fail to appear at the center, then you need to carry out some adjustments.

You can do this by loosening the tracks off the wall and tapping them carefully until they are in their right position.

You can identify the location on the wall clearly if you have had the door for some time.

One in place, tighten the screws alternatively.

Step 3: time for cleanup

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If you maintain your garage door, then you will find some lumps of dried up grease on the tracks of your garage door.

These could cause your garage door to get stuck or fail to open and close completely.

In such a case, use a chisel to scrape out the dirt and debris on the door tracks.

Then, using any household cleaning agent, thoroughly clean both ends of the rails.

Finish off by drying them to avoid rusting and applying a fresh layer of lubrication.

Step 4: tighten the hardware Vibrations of the garage could often lead to loose hardware parts.

When you see any part loosely attached to the garage wall, using the appropriate screwdriver, fasten them in place.

This eliminates the risk of them falling and hitting someone or your car.

If you have a swing door that sags, then you can replace the hinges for new ones for better operation of your garage door.

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