A garage door is known to be the largest entryway to any home if the garage is conjoined to the house. It also serves as a means to improve energy efficiency around the house. Therefore, when you need to install one, you must choose the best. That is why we are here. With the experience we have making, installing and selling garage doors, we know what clients want. Therefore, when you reach out to us, you are not only assured of quality doors, but we also offer faster services. When Cindy asked for a garage door for her home, she went home satisfied. She explained what she wanted on her door, and we presented sketches to her. After specifying the material she wanted, the shape and how it should operate, we went to the workshop to get her a custom-made garage door.

Types of Garage Doors

There are different types of garage doors out in the market to choose form. They all vary in size, material, and style of opening. To make it easier for you when you are purchasing the door, here is a guide that you can use.

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Type of garage doors based on the materials

The material your garage door is from makes its manner of operating quite different. Some materials are suited for harsh weather. Others will withstand high traffic than others. Here are some of them;

Wood garage doors

There is no other garage door material that will carry the beauty that will outdo the beauty for a wood garage door. A wood garage door can bring out whatever sense you want from it. Be it a modern or traditional or a unique look. It will never disappoint. Having said that, although this door is energy efficient, it does not function appropriately during rainy and snowy seasons. They tend to warp, rot, and expand when exposed to moisture. Also, they are challenging to maintain. They need time to time painting and staining to keep them in their right condition. Wooden garage doors are expensive, especially when they are from a hardwood tree.

Aluminum garage doors

Unlike the wood garage doors, aluminum doors will withstand rainy seasons. They are also more durable. They don’t warp or rot when exposed to moisture. Besides, they are not very expensive. However, they have their downside too. Aluminum absorbs heat quickly, making it difficult to handle during hot climates. Also, they make the garage doors an unbearable place to be due to too much warmth inside. This condition is worse, especially when you have an attached garage. It means that your energy bulls will hike during this season. Also, these doors dent easily and therefore hails, strong winds, and playful children might not be their best friend.

Steel garage doors

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A steel garage door is a better version of the wood and aluminum door combined. This garage door is energy efficient, requires very low maintenance, and also brings out an elegance view to your home. You can customize a steel door so that it has a window insert, panels and you can also paint them into any color. Steel doors do not rot or warp and will require no painting or staining. Also, they have a foam core, which makes them energy efficient by making the garage airtight. Also, they are durable.

Glass garage doors

Glass garage doors are more modern compared to the other garage doors. They are not that popular, probably because they are not safe and the fact that they can break easily. Not forgetting that they are also expensive to buy and install them. They have close to zero privacy and safety levels, as everyone can see your home. While some glass doors are thick and robust, they cannot meet the strength and durability levels of other materials like steels and wood. They are susceptible to breaking from exposure of hails, strong winds, and hard bangs that can shatter them. With all downsides, a glass door is an excellent option if you want a garage with an extra living space. Glass garage doors will give a sense of more room. When your garage door is at the back of your home, you can install the glass garage door since your privacy won’t be breached. However, if your garage is at the front, this is probably no garage door material to go for.

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