A garage door not only improves the value of your home but also offer protection to valuable property and items in your home. With improved utility around your home, you can now spend less on the maintenance of your systems if you install a garage door. In the market, there are countless types of garage doors. Ranging from the way they open, to their materials and size. Today, we will look at the types of garage doors, depending on their prospective application and year of use. These vary, creating a list of the different types of gates. They include:

  • Traditional garage door
  • Contemporary garage doors
  • Carriage house garage doors
  • Modern style garage doors
  • A garage door for a craftsman

Traditional garage door

Traditional gates come with an improved curb appeal of your home. Not only do they have a traditionally stylish heavy-duty, durable steel. With the care-free, low maintenance, and strength. Most traditional gates are hinged. They do not use motors to open or close. They are reliable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether faced by hail storms, strong winds, or snow, they stand the test. These traditional gates are suitable for catching the eye of your neighbor and any passer-by. Also, they increase the value of your home.

Contemporary garage doors

Contemporary garage doors are styles mainly made to fit the new modern designs of homes. With the small spaces, there are now some simple gates for houses. Simplicity adds to the beauty of the gate. The contemporary gates can be classy, sophisticated, elegant, and architecturally attractive. These gates use dynamic tools for opening, thus ensuring they occupy the smallest space possible. With a good design, you can get a gate of any material you wish. The contemporary gates come in wooden, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass gates.

For the color selection, since you have the option of choosing a custom made gate, you can have the finishing you want. If you need it in size, not conventional, then you can have an expert make you one. Improve the curb appeal and value of your home today by choosing a contemporary gate for your modern house.

Carriage house garage doors

Do you want a garage door to take you back to the carriage house eras? These doors were initially meant to store horse-drawn carriages. Since they were initially made of wood, the natural finishes on these types of doors are standard for the carriage doors. Not only are they elegant, but they also can are useful when it comes to energy efficiency. These doors, with the modern age, can be opened in any way. Whether you want it to slide to the side, tilt outwards or even inwards, then you can have them. Besides, with the custom-made choice, you can have one to your specifications and type.

Modern style garage doors

A modern garage door is a lot like the contemporary one. Both are made to fit the small spaces available in modern homes. Regardless of the size of the house you have, provided you have a car fitting in the area, you can get a modern garage door. You can choose any material on the door you want. Ranging from the classic, high maintenance wooden doors to the low maintenance, long-lasting, and sturdy steel doors. To install the door, you can also choose from a plethora of garage door openers to achieve your desired opening style. Do you want it to slide on the wall, on the ceiling, or roll on a drum as it opens? Also, to finish up the design, you can choose from an infinite multitude of colors to match your home. You can also add some grains of wood to achieve that classic look to your home.

Classic garage doors

Although they are not as attractive as the carriage doors or the classic ones, they are more standard. These doors work with a more extensive set of applications. Also, they do not swing when they open, hence suitable for homes with less headroom space. These doors do not lock accidentally, making them safe for families with kids. The classic garage door, however, requires a lot of space to install the hardware for its operation. However, if you choose to install a roll-up or canopy door opening towards the ceiling, then you will no need for the additional space.

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